YouTube Videos

Juicy Ink

Launched in 2014, along side my successful Kickstarter sharing the same name, set on a mission to share tips and tricks in hopes of helping my viewers progress in their artistic journey. Over the past three years, I have filmed, edited and launched 150 videos and was awarded the Silver Play Button by YouTube for accumulating over 100,000 subscribers.

Art Company Collaborations

Previously worked with Arteza, Winsor & Newton, Copic, Jetpens, MyArtscape, Ohuhu, Riggers Art and more to review art supplies and raise awareness for advertising campaigns. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. I thoroughly test their most popular art supplies so my viewers can make informed purchases. 

Back to the basics

Throughout my videos, I demonstrate process work such as thumbnails, values studies, color studies with reasons why its helpful. By personally practicing the fundamentals, I act as a role model for my viewers, encouraging them to become more thoughtful in their art.

Technique Demonstrations

Illustration is about making decisions to craft your point of view. Having a vast arsenal of techniques enables you to convey your vision more precisely. My goal is to equip my viewers with as many tools as possible to raise their confidence as artists.