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Feel free to message me using the contact form if the answer you're looking for is not here!
What is the Secret Shop and how do I access it?

The Secret Shop has all sorts of goodies from past Limited Edition Postcards and exclusive merch like stickers and prints for Patrons.

For Patrons: To gain access to the Secret Shop, navigate to the pinned message on Patreon for the password.

All Patreon Tier levels have access to the Secret Shop. Sketchbook PDF Tier and above also receives a 10% Discount.

Can I send you snail mail?

Sure! I would love that!

Here is my address:
Victoria Gedvillas
PO Box 65
Nolensville TN 37135

When will you return to YouTube?

To be honest, I don't know. I enjoy making videos, but I like making art more. Recording my art unfortunately prolongs the process 4x to finish a piece. At this moment in my art journey, I have a stronger desire to use that time to push my art further.

Maybe one day I'll be able to strike a balance between making videos and art!

To get my video making fix in the meantime, I share voiced over speed paintings for my Sketchbook PDF on Patreon. I'm also experimenting with other art video content like 'work with me' videos on Patreon. These videos feature an unfiltered version of Tori that I like to keep in a private space.